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Clearly, plants grow in the wild without any help from humans. However, our modern urban landscape is not the same as the one where our native plants evolved. Subdivisions filled with subsoil, forests cut down, and drainage modifications all combine to make an urban landscape a very different environment. Our urban landscape lacks vital nutrients and requires fertilization to achieve a clearly defined objective, such as the following:

  • Increasing shoot growth, root growth, flowering, or fruiting
  • Establishing newly planted trees and shrubs
  • Enhancing foliage color and plant appearance
  • Correcting or preventing nutrient deficiencies

Smart Choice Landscape Co. provides full service premium turf and plant fertilization programs along with an Integrated Pest Management Program via our authorized State Certified Pest Control Operators.

Our Fertilization and Pest Management division provides:

• Customized programs that meet you property’s unique requirements.
• Field-proven approach for greener lawns and healthier plants.
• Use of eco-friendly products to minimize impact in the environment.
• Horticulture services performed as a continuing process of observation, inspection, analysis and action.
• Prevention of long-term, costly problems through timely inspections and prompt treatment.

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