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Trees and palms are the most valuable assets in your landscape. Aesthetically, trees and palms add character and scale to a site. They create a palette of colors and bring aromas to a property. Far beyond their simple beauty, trees serve many other purposes as well. Trees harvest the energy of the sun; taking in carbon and producing oxygen. They serve as a natural distillery for water and provide a habitat for thousands of species. Additionally, trees and palms can reduce your air conditioning costs, control erosion, and act as a shield from wind. It is our responsibility to care for and maintain trees because of the huge importance they have in our environment.

Smart Choice Landscape Company’s arborists are fully versed in all aspects of palm and tree care. Our team of professionals will ensure a healthy development for your trees.   

Our Tree Service/ Arbor Care division provides:

  • Tree selection and installation.                                    
  • Determining feeding and watering needs.
  • Structural pruning.
  • Pre-hurricane pruning.
  • Stump grinding.
  • Fertilization and soil management.
  • Insect and disease management.
  • Soil sample analysis.
  • Tree removal and transplanting.

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