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Smart Choice goes Propane! - December 06, 2011 December 06/2011


Propane powered machinery.
As part of our commitment to the environment and becoming an industry leader in sustainability, Smart Choice Landscape Co. is now implementing the use of propane powered machinery, reducing our carbon emissions by 80%. Propane burns efficiently and is easy to store safely. This technology makes our tools more eco-friendly and user-friendly. Using propane in place of gasoline or other fuels has many benefits: 
  • Lawn equipment accounts for 10% of the pollution today, switching from gasoline to propane can cut emissions by 70% to 80%.
  • Propane powered equipment requires less maintenance because the cleaner burning fuel deposits less carbon in the engine.
  • Cleaner emissions and less fuel waste due to spills when refilling. 
  • Your fuel reserves are delivered to you, this means fewer trips to the service station for fuel, and flexible fueling options: from cylinder exchange to bulk deliveries.
  • Propane is less expensive than gasoline.
 Please visit Metro Lawn ( for more information.

Smart Choice goes Propane! - December 06, 2011