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Company History

Smart Choice Landscape Co. began in 1998 as a small business plan between Andres Ibarra and Ivan Ibarra, two brothers from Colombia living in Weston, Florida.  After Andres graduated from business school, their goal was to create a landscape service company that provided a detail-oriented service at an affordable price.

Ivan and Andres swiftly sprang into action purchasing vehicles and equipment to begin their business venture. With a lot of hard work and dedication, it wasn’t long before they were a competitive residential lawn service company in the Weston area. As the City of Weston continued to grow moving into the 2000s, so did their company.

After firmly establishing themselves as a landscape maintenance company, the Ibarra brothers decided to diversify their company. They joined forces with a locally recognized garden center and thus Smart Choice Landscape Design and Development Division was born. Ivan’s artistic abilities, design knowledge, and passion to provide exceptional service were at the heart of the new operation, continuously driving it forward. Soon after the introduction of the new division, Smart Choice was working with well-known South Florida contractors across Broward County.

Ivan and Andres decided to recruit their youngest brother, David Ibarra, to join the Smart Choice team in 2004. David started as a foreman and worked his way up to management, rapidly gaining knowledge of the landscaping industry as he progressed in the company. David became a key asset to the Design, Build, and Maintenance divisions, at which point the brothers decided it was time to push the expansion even further.

Over the next couple of years the Ibarra brothers decided to re-focus their target market to a Commercial and High-End Residential clientele. The company’s operation continued to successfully expand throughout the Broward and Greater Miami area. Smart Choice Landscape Co. earned a reputation for excellence, attention to details, and professionalism.

By 2009, the company was thriving and Ivan decided to move back to his hometown of Bogota, Colombia and the decision was made to open their first South America branch, Smart Choice Group SAS. The concept took off and has been successfully operating for over seven years now, with 120 employees and operations in 3 major cities.

Both the US and Colombia operations have continued to flourish, taking on numerous commercial and high-end residential maintenance clients, working with some of the best landscape architects, and executing hundreds of immaculate landscape installations. Smart Choice has been featured in publications such as Florida Design magazine and has seen recognition from Davie Town Times and Our City Weston. And in their continued efforts to be a “green” landscape company, Smart Choice has placed a harder emphasis on being ecologically sustainable by using eco-friendly products and techniques in their operation. Offsetting their carbon footprint, running propane fueled mowers, and recycling are just a couple of ways the company implements sustainable practices in the work they perform. 

In 2015, Smart Choice purchased land in Davie, Florida and is the new headquarters for the U.S.A. operations where they will soon be opening their tree and plant nursery also; a major accomplishment that will only allow the company to continue to excel and be unparalleled in the horticulture and service industry.  

As Smart Choice pushes forward, the company’s foundation in which it was built on will always remain the same: service excellence, superiority, and sustainability.