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In order to keep lawns well maintained and healthy, there has always been the need for the use of chemical products. These chemical helpers control weeds (herbicides), promote growth and health of the plants (fertilizers) and prevent plant diseases (pesticides). Through they are used to help the growth of your landscape, these products can take a toll on the environment. In particular, herbicides can have long term disadvantages and health consequences.

Smart Choice Landscape Company prefers to use eco-friendly and organic products that provide the same results while still being sustainable. We are introducing into our operation Avenger Weed Killer, an organic herbicide EPA registered and approved by the USDA National Organics Program. Its patented formula is made with natural citrus-oil (or d-limonene), which is a natural degreasing agent that strips the weed of its waxy skin, causing it to dehydrate and die. Tested against the leading synthetic herbicide glysophate, Avenger has proven to be just as effective, but faster acting.