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Part of Smart Choice Landscape Company’s commitment to sustainability is recycling yard waste. For the past five years, Smart Choice has partnered with a local mulching company to dispose of yard waste responsibly. Yard waste generated by our clients is later used in mulching and composting products.

Recycling Landscape Waste Environmental Benefits:

  • Reduces waste/demand for landfill space because materials that would otherwise be disposed of are reused or recycled.
  • Methane emissions from landfills are reduced from both reuse and recycling. 
  • Conserves fossil fuels because energy needed to transport both landscape wastes, will be reduced. Also, compost can reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, the production of which is fossil fuel intensive.
  • Conserves timber because reused and recycled lumber reduces demand for virgin lumber.
  • Provides communities and businesses a source of compost and other fertilizer products.