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Water Efficiency

Water conservation is one of the most crucial issues facing Florida’s future. Many areas of the state are running low on freshwater supplies. Smart Choice Landscape Company is committed to applying South Florida’s Best Management Practices and guidelines in effort to conserve our precious fresh water.

Irrigation Management. Proper irrigation is key to Best Management Practices for healthy landscapes and waterways. It is estimated that we each use from 25 percent to 50 percent of our water for irrigation. Over-watering favors the growth of water-loving weeds and pests and also creates runoff, which may carry fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides from yards into nearby waterways. Most irrigation problems are maintenance related, not based on design deficiencies. With nothing more than a tune-up, the vast majority of irrigation systems can generate large water savings. In some instances, adjusting the distribution and timing of sprinkler operations will result in more efficient irrigation and significant water savings.

Storm Water Management. Proper maintenance of surface water management systems like swales, ditches, retention ponds and neighborhood canals are very important. Swales are one of the most common ways of moving and cleaning storm water in our neighborhoods. Swales retain and treat storm water runoff by providing a filter for contaminants and pollutants, and also provide drainage by allowing water to soak into the ground or flow into inlets and canals.